Spooktacular Tips for Halloween Litter Prevention in Terrebonne

As Halloween approaches, the streets of Terrebonne are filled with the delightful sounds of children’s laughter and the rustling of fallen leaves. It’s a time of costumes, candy, and spooky decorations, but it can also be a time of increased litter. Keep Terrebonne Beautiful is here to share some “spooktacular” tips for Halloween litter prevention so that we can all enjoy the season responsibly and sustainably.

  1. Organize a Community Cleanup: One of the most effective ways to prevent Halloween litter is to organize a community cleanup event. Gather friends, family, and neighbors and spend a few hours picking up litter from your local streets, parks, and public areas. Make it a fun and spooky-themed event by encouraging everyone to wear costumes or decorate trash bags in a Halloween spirit.
  2. Use Eco-Friendly Decorations: When decorating your home or yard for Halloween, opt for eco-friendly decorations. Avoid using plastic, single-use items that can easily become litter. Instead, use biodegradable or reusable decorations made from natural materials. After the holiday, store your decorations safely for use next year.
  3. Be Mindful of Candy Wrappers: Candy wrappers are a common source of litter during Halloween. Encourage children and adults to dispose of wrappers properly in designated trash bins. If possible, choose candies with eco-friendly packaging or purchase candy in bulk to reduce the amount of single-use wrappers.
  4. Provide Proper Disposal Options: If you’re hosting a Halloween event, make sure to provide clear and accessible trash and recycling bins for your guests. Label them appropriately to ensure that everyone disposes of their waste correctly.
  5. Join Terrebonne’s “Trick-or-Treat, Leave-No-Trace” Campaign: Support initiatives like Terrebonne’s “Trick-or-Treat, Leave-No-Trace” campaign, which encourages responsible Halloween celebrations. Get involved, spread the word, and participate in community efforts to keep the streets clean.
  6. Educate and Raise Awareness: Spread the word about Halloween litter prevention through social media, local community groups, and neighborhood associations. Encourage others to join in your efforts to keep Terrebonne beautiful during this festive season.

Halloween is a time for enjoyment, but it’s also an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to a clean and beautiful Terrebonne. By following these spooktacular tips for Halloween litter prevention, we can ensure that our community remains vibrant and clean for generations to come. Together, we can make a difference in protecting our environment.

Let’s celebrate Halloween while keeping Terrebonne clean and beautiful for all to enjoy!

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